Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Overwhelming Support Pours In For Donald Michael Kraig From Esoteric Community

Golden Dawn & Wider Esoteric Community Again Shows Its True Colors

by Frater A.T.L.V.

As was the case with Aaron Leitch in his time of need, the Golden Dawn & wider esoteric community is again showing its true nature for beloved author and brother, Donald Michael Kraig, in his own time of need.

Frater Kraig's situation is indeed a dire one. He is suffering from one of the most aggressive forms of cancer, that being stage 4 pancreatic cancer. And recently we have learned that it has also spread to his liver.

A call went out to the community right when the news broke on The Golden Dawn Blog with an article entitled "A Call to Magical Action: Healing for Donald Michael Kraig", which you can read HERE, for Magical healing assistance from the fraters & sorors of our diverse community. The response was nothing short of beautiful.

As you can imagine, his medical bills are piling up faster than anyone could deal with, making an already extremely difficult situation even worse for him and his family. Recently, a page was created on www.gofundme.com by Holly Allender Kraig, which you can visit HERE. Through this page you can donate money to their goal of $15,000, which is already at a staggering amount of $4,051 from only 38 people in only 1 day! If that doesn't show you just how much we care for our fellow occultists, I don't know what would! They even have a reward program built in where based on the amount you donate, you receive one of Frater Kraig's books (limited quantities running out very quickly!). Even in their time of need, they are still finding a way to give back to those that help, which to me, is very beautiful indeed.

This is a wonderful statement of how our family cares for its own, despite past grudges and online "wars" that raged for nearly 20 years. Since the success of Frater Leitch's fundraiser, which showed the world just how the wider esoteric community takes care of its own despite what happens on the internet, and the coming together of the Golden Dawn Community to stand up against the Chrysi Avgi, the Greek ultra nationalists who are muddying our beautiful name and confusing outsiders, there has been a period of wonderful peace and fraternal behavior. Not only on blogs, but throughout the community and all of its fora.

The situation and ensuing response in Donald Michael Kraig's medical crisis, has once again proven just how tightly knit of of family we really are, and that while we may disagree on certain points, we have more in common than we have differences. And more importantly, that despite any differences we do have, we can and will come to the aid of our brothers and sisters, whether with donations, or by magical aid.

I am very pleased by the behavior of our community of late, and wish nothing more than for it to continue. We represent the very diverse and beautiful Western Mystery Tradition, and this is how true spiritual beings should conduct themselves. This, for me, really keeps hope alive for the Golden Dawn and wider esoteric community!

My most sincere thoughts, positive energy, blessings, and healing Light goes out to Frater Kraig and his family. Please do what you can to help them in this extremely difficult and painful time for their family. Give what you can, even if everyone donated a single dollar, it would eventually add up. For those who cannot afford to donate money, do what you can to direct healing energy towards him and his family.

Let us continue to show the community and the world what we are really made of! Let us lean toward the Pillar of Mercy and Embrace the loving nature of Chesed, and share it with those in need!

Fraternally, in L.V.X.,
Frater A.T.L.V.

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