Saturday, October 5, 2013

Golden Dawn Community Stands In Solidarity Against Greek Neo-Nazis


Golden Dawn Leaders Stand Together To Show The World What Our Community Is Really All About, And What It Won't Stand For




by Frater A.T.L.V.


Recently, there has been much confusion between our beloved Hermetic Tradition, The Golden Dawn that we hold so dear to our hearts, and Greek Neo-Nazi extremists, the Chrysi Avgi.  These hate mongers have been using the name "Golden Dawn" for their Neo-Nazi political party and in so doing have created confusion amongst outsiders who do not know the difference between our spiritual Hermetic and Rosicrucian Tradition, and a hateful, right wing extremist political party that has its roots in Greece, and unfortunately, has been using the same name.  Even the possibility of the two being confused is not acceptable.

Lately, an internet search for "Golden Dawn" will turn up just as much if not more of this garbage than it will anything related to the REAL Golden Dawn, a beautiful, tolerant, and peaceful spiritual Tradition that has influenced the entire Western Mystery Tradition for over a hundred years.  Today, there are many orders, independent Temples, and solitary practitioners who use this beautiful system, and I am sure that none of them want to be confused with the forces of evil that have been using our name.  I for one, find it deeply disturbing.

This problem has however, brought about something rarely seen in the Golden Dawn Community......solidarity. 

It is indeed rare to see the various leaders and authors in the Golden Dawn Community stand together, united, on any issue. However, this time, that is exactly what's happening.  None of us want to be confused with these minions of evil and hate.

I would like to thank Donald Michael Kraig for his blog post about this issue, which you can read HERE. I would also like to thank him for starting this initiative for leaders to stand together on this issue, saying...

"Even if you disagree with other Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn groups, I would propose that you consider standing in solidarity with them on this one, single issue."

I could not agree more with the sentiment of this statement.  And it seems, for the most part, it is happening.  Well known Golden Dawn leaders and authors such as Donald Michael Kraig, Nick Farrell, David Griffin, and Alex Sumner are all in agreement on this one. Frater Farrell addresses this issue as well, in his own post, HERE.

I would like to praise those who are putting aside their differences, and embracing their similarities, namely, the Hermetic Tradition they have devoted their lives to, and standing together against this very real and very terrible threat.  As Golden Dawn practitioners, we can not allow the forces of evil to go unchecked, and it pleases me to see a truly community wide effort such as this.  There has been peace in the community for a while now, which is a nice change of pace, and something like this can only serve to strengthen the bonds of fraternity.

It seems the well known leaders and authors in our diverse community have put aside the flame wars and attacks of the past, and are looking toward the future of our beautiful living Tradition.  Unfortunately, as always, there are some who just can't let their feelings from the past go.  Although Alex Sumner does deserve praise for being a part of this noble cause, he has not been able to put aside his grudge with David Griffin, even in a time such as this.

In the comments section of a post he made on his blog, Sumner continues to attack Griffin, in the usual sniping style that unfortunately has been all too rampant in our community for far too long now.  When Griffin responds, he is censored, another all too common tactic of the Golden Dawn flame wars that have raged now for too long.  I found the comment Griffin attempted to post on the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn Yahoo forum, run by Griffin.  It seems he posted it there after being censored on Sumner's blog. Here it is....

"Hi Alex, Why do you want to keep wagging fingers about the past instead of taking

responsibility to co-create a better future? There are offensive old posts on your blog as well as that of Nick,

Aaron, Morgan, Deanna, and the others – some even calling AO members

names and one book even calling the AO a cult. Heck, I even still have 

defamatory letters that Don Kraig wrote privately attacking me. There is no doubt that as a community still ALL still have things to 

clean up once peace in our community is more firmly established. The AO 

is willing to look at this, albeit ON A RECIPROCAL BASIS. Things have been quiet for some time now though. Why is it that YOU are

suddenly flinging poo again, continuing to stir strife by wagging 

fingers and digging up stuff from the past rather than taking a UNITED 

stand with the rest of us Golden Dawn leaders against the threat posed

to our ENTIRE spiritual community posed by the Greek ultra-nationalists? Is this really the right time for you to even yet once AGAIN start

throwing poo to try to start another flame war as you do in this post? As a community, we all face a common and very serious problem posed by

the Greek ultra-nationalists to the reputation of our spiritual 


The time has come to stand TOGETHER to face down this threat. Or would you really rather continuing stand alone in the corner

continuing to fling poo all by yourself?" -David Griffin

Again, this is not the time to turn back to the same old bullshit and mudslinging, complete with all the usual tactics of the Golden Dawn flame wars of the past. However, it seems that's exactly what is happening here. It is wonderful to see Kraig, Griffin, Farrell, and other well known leaders in our community getting along and unified in this effort to make it known that our Golden Dawn community has no association with these minions of evil. Some would rather continue the same old BS, but right now he's the only one, let's hope it stays that way! Let's not use this as an opportunity to attack each other, but rather, to show solidarity and together avoid confusion with the forces of evil!

Greek ultra-nationalist "Golden Dawn" (Chrysi Avgi)

The Tradition of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and all of the orders, independent Temples, and solitary practitioners that use the wonderful system, wish to make it known that we have NO association with the Chrysi Avgi, or any of their hate filled ideals. We are a community of spiritual seekers, and while we do have our differences, we stand together strongly on this issue.


Sincerely & Fraternally, in L.V.X.,

Frater A.T.L.V.

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